Zero Waste Water Filters

While brainstorming topics to research on,decided to start off with the subject of drinking water & the alternative ways available to stay supplied without having to rely on consumer products mainly developed with plastic as the container for the filtration process. When it comes to staying properly hydrated, the only thing needed is H²O with a well balanced pH level ranging from lvls (7-10). Luckily their some quality eco-friendly alternatives to obtain this most needed health benefit.

Binchotan Charcoal


  When doing research on this products origins,became amazed on how beneficial & effective this items is as a quality water filter. Binchotan reduces fluoride, absorbs chlorine, heavy metals, radio frequencies and even electromagnetic waves from drinking water, while releasing natural minerals back into the water. All that’s need is to rinse, boil for 10 minuets, let it dry, than add to your container of water where it’ll have to sit for 3-4 hours till it’s fresh enough to drink. Bonus part about it as well is that it’s can last up to 4-6 months, but will have to be washed again for 10 minuets every 2 weeks for continued usage. Best of all it’ll provide a pH balance lvl of 8-8.5 & with it being biodegradable makes for good nutrients.

Ionizer Stick


  These sticks got some potential.The filtration concept is similar to that of the Binchotan, just with a stainless steel shell & minerals rocks in the casing. Found many different suppliers of this filter, the main ingredients are Tourmaline and Maifanshi stones. Other minerals that get added can range from Germanium, nano silver powder, Zeolite, Muyu Jade, Clay, & Kaolin Rare Earth. These materials create structured water to turn it clean and tasty.
Tourmaline releases Far Infrared, Negative Ions, & Minerals. To improve skin elasticity and helps promote blood circulation and increases metabolism. They have a life expectancy of up to 90 liters, both distributors agree that if a person drinks 3 liters a day the stick would be able to last up to 3 months. They add anywhere from 7.8-9.5 pH lvls.
  Other than their unrecognized, positive qualities & untapped potential.They seem to fall short in terms of reusability, & for guaranteed freshness they come sold with a plastic container to allow their continues use.If considering,would recommend using an alternative food grade storage container(wooden, ceramic, glass, or stainless) & after the life expectancy to flush the minerals through your sinks drain if the filter allows it, or dispose of filter threw the proper means of recycling.

Hydrogen Water Bottle


  When it comes to on the go instant filtration.Got to give it to Hydrogen-Rich Water(HWater)Bottles. The benefits of these water containers are impressive. They use a method know as SPE(Solid-Phase Extraction) technically it purifies water molecular with hydrogen to enhance it with antioxidants to eliminate toxins plus increases energy levels & immune system adding a pH balance lvl of 9-10. As advancing as HWater is,especially the ones with the bottle containers manufactured out of borosilicate glass. The primary factor that makes it eco-friendly, is it’s effect to be able to provide sustainability against single use plastic bottles.

  Do note that the compound silica is what makes borosilicate a tough material to recycle, luckily it’s a safe element that provides health benefits & is only hazardous or harmful when inhaled in dust or powder form.

Gravity Water Filter


  Using the law of physics,This filtration process allows H²O to flow threw a staged layered method that creates clean,fresh water.When it comes to this filtration system & finding a filter best suitable.It’s wise to research when surveying for an authentic kind. The filtering procedure use effective stages of minerals to capture & remove pathogenic bacteria, organic chemicals, & harsh metals, also eliminating unpleasant tastes & odors.

  If curious what type of filter is consider qualitative for a gravity filtration, A good recommendation would be checking out the filters made by two companies. Aquaovo & Sharkegg, these producers uses of multilayered glass for a container to store the minerals in are impressive, the fact that they use as little food grade plastic to hold there filters together & that there glass cases are reusable after the minerals have exceeded there span, is considered to say the least.


  There’s many different manufacturers & retailers who replicate with the necessary minerals encased in quality ceramic, than those encased in food grade plastic, but beside that there’s short life spans that comes with them for resell value, there are some companies the guarantees their filters can block inorganic chemicals & fluoride, but that’s where research would be necessary. The same set up can easily be done to get accurate results, with a proper kind of terracotta, glass or stainless steel dispenser one can attach an additional extension (terracotta or stainless) on top the dispenser with layers of minerals inside it such as gravel, quartz sand, & charcoal.


  If going for an effective DIY set up do be mindful of how thick the layers are & straining material to allow the H²O it’s flow threw,make sure not to use an unnecessary amount of water if your aiming for efficiency to receive a majority of the collections. Also if looking to gather reliable water to infuse with the minerals in the dispenser, than an addition of a Distillation method, combined with a gravity filter would be helpful.

Water Distiller


  When it comes to sustaining a reliable source of guaranteed pure water. A best solution would be water distillation. Human’s replication of nature’s Hydrologist Cycle, Distillation is a water treatment method that removes biological & inorganic contaminants. Since distillation takes out minerals that our body would consider healthy, it’s wise to note that adding in glasses of this water with a regular diet & not rely on it as a main source of nutrients if planning a fasting route or scheduling skipped meals.

  This process combined with any of the filtration system recommend will offer clean, healthy, fresh self-sustaining water without having to purchase & invest into non-biodegradable plastic bottle, jugs or water filter system. If this method peaks interest,there’s DIY setups or distiller machines will prove effective.


 Hopefully this list of sustainable filtration system’s was informative in providing insight on alternative zero waste & reusable methods, for gaining access to clean healthy water. This post will keep informed on deeper outlines that go with this topic. As clean water becomes more of a privilege & less of a basic accessible necessity,many individuals & communities of all kind are finding it difficult to receive the exact quality that all deserve.

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