Welcome to EEK-O(Educational Environmental Kontribution-Orbit), a blog looking to motivating along side the zero-waste movement. Crafted around topics that’ll cover wide ranges of sustainable & eco-friendly solutions. Mainly going out the way analyzing & pointing out global efforts that go out the way to reducing of carbon footprints by contributing towards zero-waste soultions & biodegradable or recycled materials.

This sites main purpose will be to spread the knowledge & give the proper recognition/credit towards the initiative making untapped environmental impacts.

Posted blogs where sourced & cited from various multiple websites & articles in relation to their specific topic,provided through search engines. Which is why research is a primary encouragement when inquiring information threw the  available content.    To support the issue of necessary change in global goods/trade economics. Along with the harmful amount of Greenhouse gas emission that gets releases in the eco-system, to produce our daily necessities & enjoyments. Articles posted will go over topics related to eco-friendly alternatives, Directing more environmentally suitable solutions towards our planet .(Do know that I’m driven to blog only on goods that benefit going sustainable/zero waste with plastic,& only consider doing review on products that incorporate as little to no amount of plastic as possible when contributing to the cause.)

 If there happens to be any design or develop product I overlooked. Please feel encouraged to inform & enlighten. As all info here is to educate. Also do note that this the blog was created independently with only the intentions to provide helpful insight,& that no affiliation or partnership with retailers where involved in these articles. So when searching or looking for online shops to make purchases make sure to get as much details as you can from distributors before buying.

 Etsay & sites such as Aliexpress can be great source but only when you got all the information need to complete your transaction, also to any regular or dedicate amazon members out there. I would recommend clearing all your transactions through AmazonSmile, which is a recent new alternative site they add to allow member’s to donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases towards charities of your choosing. Even thought it’s a clever way for them to get a free shout out,makes it worth acknowledging since it’s a considered way to impact & help may worthy causes.

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